The establishment of EDUAWEN EUROPE was prompted by the long-term requirement to improve education in Slovakia so that it would produce results comparable to those of developed European countries. Already when the company was founded in 2017, it was clear to us that the effort to improve the quality of education must be based on a thorough understanding of the current state of educational processes in Slovak schools. Following the survey of pupils' achievements, it was necessary to create means that would enable schools to actively participate in education, which is essential for the establishment of a knowledge-based society in Slovakia. Since the establishment of EDUAWEN EUROPE, we have established cooperation with several educational institutions and, thanks to this cooperation, we have offered our knowledge in several cycles of seminars for teachers focused on the development of key competences of children and young people right from the very beginning.

Since the beginning of our professional work, we have paid attention to the development of comprehensive educational concepts and modern didactic tools - competence-oriented educational programmes, curriculum documents, diagnostic tools, teaching aids, methodological guides and others. One of the key moments of our approach to education was laying the methodological foundations of the reference framework called Database of Descriptors of Cognition and Social Interaction (DaCoSiDe). In it, we describe in detail the progressive acquisition and deepening of the thought-communication competences that underpin the learning process.

An important milestone was in 2018, when, in cooperation with the Slovenská sporiteľňa Foundation, we created an innovative FinQ training programme based on the DaCoSiDe methodology. The aim of the FinQ programme is to diagnose and develop the critical and systemic thinking of pupils in primary and secondary schools so that they gradually acquire financial culture competences, regardless of the type of school or region. Due to its high degree of inclusion and professional quality, the Slovak Commission for UNESCO has nominated the FinQ programme for the UNESCO Hamdan Prize for the Development of the Teaching Profession for 2021-22.

In parallel with the development and implementation of FinQ, we have developed a next-generation learning platform EduQ. It enables schools to manage schools and teaching more effectively by providing digital tools to manage, monitor, coordinate and evaluate learning.