Our educational processes are in fact the upcoming major world industry.

A recent reflection on the conversation at school came out of an experience at the green table. Although we have only presented a short section of the graduation dialogue, even a small part of the conversational exchange served well to arrive at suggestions or tentative conclusions that could - by transferring them to school practice -...

Conversation is a process of coming to an understanding. Hans-Georg Gadamer

Democracy can resist the authoritarian threat if it is transformed from a passive spectator democracy into an active participatory democracy. Erich Fromm

Now school is by no means the world and must not pretend to be; it is rather the institution that we interpose between the private domain of home and the world, in order to make the transition from the family to the world possible at all. Hannah Arendt

The philosopher Gaston Bachelard, in his book The Formation of Scientific Mind, complained about teachers because they don't understand that people don't understand. As early as 1938, he marveled at teachers who do not take into account that students come to the classroom with ready-made knowledge. He then looked at learning as a process of...